Lighter Light Painting(简称LLP)是中国第一家专业光绘艺术团队,由中国光绘艺术家周佳俊在2015年创立。 我们拥有丰富的 商业项目合作经验,涉及到灯光艺术、平面视觉、舞台表演、互动体验等,曾合作品 牌有Dior、奔驰、华为、轩尼诗等。
独创Dance of Light 理念与魂动论,使得作品脱颖而出。

Lighter Light Painting(Abbreviation LLP), founded by the Chinese artist Jiajun Zhou in 2015, is the first professional light painting art team in China. We have lots of commercial project collaboration experience related to light art,graphic vision, stage performance and interactive experience, such as cooperation with Dior, Benz, Huawei and Hennessy, etc.
Originate from china and serve for the whole world.
Have independent developing design ability and owned light diffusion device with patent.
Original concept of Dance of Light and Soul Theory make the outstanding works.