About Me

Shanghai born, Zhou Jia Jun’s visual DNA is the result of the founder’s approach to light work. After studying Art & Design, he developed and explored the different areas and shortly became a professional light painting photographer.
Marking out a new light painting style, Zhou’s unique aesthetic is modern, minimal and abstract which incorporates techniques previously undiscovered, such as a patented form of soft light painting.

From a personal interest, he has independently developed products for optical diffusion devices, as well as obtaining patents for these.
Developed and polished over the years, the recognizable artworks have been picked up by the press, feeding his visions and creating lights that appear to be dancing into his work.

Zhou Jia Jun is a member of Light Painting World Alliance (LPWA) and has an impressive record of project collaborations with leading international brands including but not limited to: Dior, Mercedes-Benz and Huawei.

周佳俊,1 9 9 0 年出生工作于上海,艺术设计专业。2 0 1 3 年开始光绘创作,并成为职业光绘摄 影师,Lighter Light Painting 创始人,世界光绘联盟LPWA成员。
其光绘风格自成一派,集现代、极简与抽象于一体,自创 DANCE OF LIGHT 理念。拥有丰富的 商业项目与合作经验,曾合作品牌有Dior、奔驰、华为等。

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